Demo Videos

Below are several magic performance videos of Magician Michael Boone. See him in action as he incorporates magic, comedy, illusion and the audience into each performance.


These videos show Michael’s unique style and how he involves the audience in every performance. In several cases, Michael actually uses many of the audience members on stage during the actual performance itself. Creating unique “one-of-a-kind” performances every time is just another key trait that sets Magician Michael Boone above the rest.


Atlanta Magician Michael Boone Promo Video




Visible Sawing In Half Illusion Performance




Bill In Lemon Magic Trick Performance




Egg Beater Comedy Magic Trick Performance




Comedy Signed Playing Card Magic Trick Performance




Invisible Deck Magic Trick Performance




Rocky Raccoon Comedy Magic Performance




Silk To Egg Magic Trick Performance




For more videos, you can click the link below to checkout Magician Michael Boone’s YouTube channel

Atlanta Magician Michael Boone YouTube Demo Videos