Stand-Up Magic

This is the same Stand-Up Magic show performed by Magician Michael Boone night after night at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.


Stand-Up Magic performed by Magician Michael Boone is a definite encore performance that’s always one of a kind. This is an experience that your guests will always remember and talk about for years to come. Watching a magic show that’s full of nothing but corny jokes, dull humor and has the same tricks you’ve seen before is painful for anyone to have to sit through. This is definitely NOT that type of show!

These are 15 to 45 minute performances with an entertaining combination of magic and comedy that will have your guests crying with laughter and on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. This is also not your typical magic show where the audience just sits and watches. Michael incorporates plenty of audience participation in every performance by using volunteers and members of the audience as assistants during the show. This adds a completely unpredictable element to every performance. Resulting in the fact that no two shows are ever the same. But instead, are truly “one-of-a-kind” performances that your guests play a key role in creating for a uniquely entertaining experience.

These performances can be customized for any event and is a perfect time to include any VIPs, Guest Speakers, CEO’s etc. into the act. The production of live animals can also be incorporated into any type of Stand-Up show performance as well. All Stand-Up show performances include a wireless microphone system provided by Magician Michael Boone at no additional cost. That way, the audience won’t miss a beat and can thoroughly enjoy every aspect of this magic sidesplitting comedy packed performance.

For an even bigger production, Michael’s award winning “Vegas Style” Illusion show will absolutely blow your mind! These are original choreographed routines with large scale illusions, showgirl assistants, music … the whole nine yards.

Strolling Magic combined with any type of Stand-Up or Illusion Show performance work really well together. Strolling magic at the beginning of an event allows the audience to meet Michael ahead of time. And this way, it gives the Stand-Up show performance a much more personal feel. He acts as a “warm-up act” for himself.